S2- Brushed Phosphor Bronze Spinning Top

Kemner Design

I know you’ll love this phosphor bronze S2 precision spinning top as much as I do.  This S2 is made from one solid piece of bronze, it has gently rounded curves and two grooves around the outer edge.  The beautifully knurled spindle gives you an added grip and allows you to accelerate your spin. A high precision ceramic bearing ball provides the perfect contact point to give long smooth spins.  The weight and luxurious feel of this hand finished bronze top will leave you reminiscent of times past when all high quality goods were handmade. This spinning top was made on a CNC lathe before I hand finish and knurl its stem on a manual lathe.  All of my tops are finished by hand before they make there way to your home.

Spinning times can vary with practice and experience.  This S2 spin top has an average spin time of 6-8 minutes, with the potential for over 10 minutes with a good solid spin.  All Kemner Design spinning tops are designed, crafted and finished in my shop. I personally test all of the spin tops for performance prior to shipping them to you. The S2 comes with a personalized owners card that proudly displays the name of the top, birth date, material and bearing used, serial number and maker’s signature.

Why a spinning top?  Spinning tops been around for centuries providing stress relief, education and hours of enjoyment for both young and old.  Whether you choose to play or display this metal spinning top will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Let us help you set your inner child free to play and make memories.  Our solid metal tops are designed to last many lifetimes, so you can pass your top and memories down from generation to generation.

Spinning Top Specifications:

1.240” around and 1.14" tall
Weighs 55 g
Brushed Phosphor Bronze finish
Knurled stem
3/16” diameter Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) ceramic bearing
Hand Finished
Ships in 1-3 business days
Made in the USA

Type: Spinning Top

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