The Dynamo has come to Kemner Design (in limited quanities)

The Dynamo has come to Kemner Design (in limited quanities)

As most of you know, things have been pretty quiet around here recently.  We have been busy working through a list of custom order tops.  We are happy to say that the list has been completed. 

Tonight, we are bringing a new design to the store, meet the Dynamo.  The Dynamo was designed to be a long spinning top and by reports coming back to us it is indeed that.  You will notice a that a very limited quantity of these tops have been made available, this is because the tungsten rings that are a major component of these tops have been difficult to balance and these are the over runs from the custom list.  In addition to the popular tungsten and aluminum Dynamo, we have also released a brass and aluminum Dynamo along with several Custom Engraved Two Steps.

We would like to invite you to take a look around, more tops will be coming soon.


Thank you for your continued support,

Dave and Gail

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