Monday Morning Fenja update

Monday Morning Fenja update

Good Morning!

It was a great weekend around the shop.  Dave had time to work on the first batch of the Damasteel (Fenja) Dynaminis.  The etching looks great!  The first group of the Fenja and Titanium all passed Dave's quality control.  

The plan for this week is continue work with the Fenja, running off more rings, prepping for the etch, and the most interesting step - the etching itself.  If all goes well and he doesn't have to put in extra hours for his day job, we should have more tops to ship this week.  This morning I am shipping out 4 more completed orders. 

Check back in a day or two for another update.

- gail

PS... if you missed the last blog post, you should check it out... There are some videos that give you a behind the scenes look at the unfinished product.


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