Progress on the Fenja - videos within

Progress on the Fenja - videos within

After a long week and extra hours at night spent working on a project for his day job, Dave had the chance to work on some of the Fenja rings today. It's a good thing he built the fume hood. Those rings hang out in the acid solution for while before he gets the etch that he is looking for.  Here is a short clip...

After the rings come out of the etch solution, he then neutralizes them and cleans the rings. The bottoms of the rings are then lightly sanded on a flat surface to bring up the shine.  Once that is done he can put the rings on the lathe and manually sand and polish the outer edge.  


Looks like today was a good day. The knurled Fenja and titanium Dynaminis are assembled and tested. They all passed the testing. Have a great rest of your weekend!


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