Metal Spinning Top in the process of being powdercoated

Metal spinning tops meet their color

If you look through the color collection section of our store, you will see that we currently have a one of our Single Stack and selection of our KD Starter metal spinning tops in a variety of colors.  People have asked us how we get these bright colors on our tops.  Let me explain.  After the tops comes off of the CNC lathe, it is then placed into a manual lathe where it is hand knurled and polished.  Once this is complete, the top is thoroughly cleaned and dried.  The top then has a colorful powdercoat finish applied to it.  Once the top is completely covered, it is off to the oven to bake and set the powdercoat.  

In the past our color collection has featured our KD Starters, Single Stacks and our Two Step metal spinning tops.  Check back often to see our new supply.  


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