Why should I buy a metal spinning top from Kemner Design?

There are so many metal spinning tops on the market these days.  You may ask yourself why should I buy my metal spinning top from Kemner Design?  

We think this is a fair question.  Dave has been making metal spinning tops for the last year, but he has over 11 years of experience in working with various metals by hand and on his CNC lathe and mill.

 We are a small family owned and operated company that is dedicated to making the best metal spinning tops for your enjoyment at a moderate price.  We are very detail oriented, and all of our tops are tested for performance and precision before they are ever put up for sale.  Every top is visually inspected for blemishes and defects before packaging to ship to you.  This process enables us to ensure that you are getting our very best spinning tops when we release them to you.  We are but a small fish in the large ocean of metal spinning top makers, but we hope that you will give us a try.  Click here to check out our beautifully crafted selection of precision spinning tops.

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