The next Dynamini to go is the TwisTi and Zirconium

The next Dynamini to go is the TwisTi and Zirconium

It's been a busy and productive weekend in the shop (see the blog post  Friday we finished up the tungsten and zirconium Dynamins and yesterday the one and only TwisTi and Titanium was completed.  That leaves 5 combinations left.  :)  The TwisTi and Zirconium Dynaminis were started yesterday.  The knurled grouping is built and needs testing.  The spindles for the super grip are in progress and measurements have been taken for to ensure a proper fit the first time round for the TwisTi rings.  Which means specific rings for the specific spindles.  This being said it was a very good day in the shop.  

Last night, we made some progress on the renovating the new office space, with removing all the old drywall and insulation.  We are hoping to have one of the 2 new windows in place and some if not all of the new insulation in by the end of the weekend.  Have a great day and check back soon.

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