The new shipment of tungsten has arrived

The new shipment of tungsten has arrived

Good Morning!

Thank you for joining us on the Dynamini project!!!  In one of the previous blog posts ( I told you about how Dave had run into an issue with the tungsten and zirconium Dynaminis.  For those of you just joining the blog, I can recap what has been happening.  Dave had all of the finished pieces for the tungsten and zirconium Dynaminis ready for final assembly and testing.  As he was assembling them, he realized that the zirconium had expanded during the flaming process and they didn't fit together as nicely as he would have wanted.  This caused spin quality issues with the tops.  He was working some ideas for fixes, and the best and fastest fix was to order more tungsten (see the next blog post... 

While waiting for the tungsten to new shipment of tungsten to arrive, he started work on the TwisTi spindles.  Machining and flaming was on going throughout the weekend and earlier this week.  The last I heard (last night) was that all of the knurled tungsten and TwisTi tops are assembled and spin testing has started .  

As for the new shipment of tungsten, it arrived earlier this week.  I'm not sure if he is going to be finish out the TwisTi spindles or if he will shift back to machining the tungsten rings.  I'll let you know more when I find out!

- Gail 

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