The LSC was born and the pre-sale began

The LSC was born and the pre-sale began

While we were impatiently waiting for our latest supply of tungsten to arrive, we did some brainstorming to come up with a name for our tungsten & brushed copper top.  After batting   some different names around, we decided to go with the LSC (long spin copper).  Finally on Tuesday the tungsten arrived and Tuesday night we made of the few tops to ensure accuracy and repeatability.  By Wednesday we knew we had a winner with this combination and we were comfortable announcing a pre-sale.  We are happy to say that so far we have sent out two batches (11 tops) of LSC's and will be shipping out another 10 on Monday.   With the popularity of both the LST and the LSC we will be placing another order for tungsten on Monday.  Click here to order your LSC today.  A quick reminder the pre-sale for the LSC runs through Thursday February 9th.  

Another LSC update will be released mid-week

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