Shown here a KD Starter Precision Spinning Top in Candy Red Aluminum

New Year's Resolution Time

The holiday season is coming to an end and we are getting ready to ring in another year.  For many people the new year brings with it new ideas, dreams and hopes.  For others it brings resolutions to change.  Each year a large number of people make the resolution to decrease the amount of stress in their lives.  

We have all heard about the various ways to reduce stress in our lives.  For some it may be exercise, while others turn to meditation.  And yet others turn to spinning tops, once the spin starts you just sit back and watch it go.  Metal spinning tops make for great every day carry items, and can be brought out and spun or just fidgeted with during those really stressful times.  If this sounds like something that you can get behind, CLICK HERE check out our selection of precision metal spinning tops.



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