Lasering Engraving by Kemner Design

Lasering Engraving by Kemner Design

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year.  Over the past few weeks, I have been working for new design ideas for the laser.  Some of you may have seen pictures (see below) of ideas that I was working on for Christmas gifts for family and teachers. 


In this new year, we will be adding a new section to the website specifically for laser engraving.  We have also started an Instagram account specifically for our laser work, you can follow us at: kdlasering on Instagram.  Today we added several new listings in the laser engraving section and will be adding more in the coming weeks.  To see our laser engraving collection, click here.  As always thank you for your support of our small family owned business.  Best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe new year!


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