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After a rough first week of this year, things are finally getting back into a normal groove.  I have been busy working on finalizing our newest top the LST (Long Spin Tungsten) and developing new products.  The blog is now up and running, which you know if you are reading this.  In this blog post, I thought that I would share with you where to follow us on social media so you are up to date on new releases.  

We are very active on instagram where we share photos and videos of some of our favorite metal spinning tops that we produce.  You can follow us on instagram at

We are also on facebook at  While visiting us on facebook, you can also join our facebook group  for behind the scenes information, and chances at giveaways and sign up sales.  

You can also join our email list found at the bottom of our home page.  When you join our email list, you will receive periodic promotional emails regarding new product launches, promotions and sales that we are running.  

We would like to send out a big thank you to all of our current followers and supporters, without you we wouldn't be where we are.

Oops, I almost forgot pinterest.  Click here to check out our page on Pinteres

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