Dynamini News!!!

Dynamini News!!!

For all of you that have been waiting for the Dynamini, I have exciting news... the prototypes are finished.  Pre-sale information will be coming soon, once I have all the tops photographed.

I am going to offer these in more combinations than I have ever done before!!!  Every combination will be available in both a solid knurl or super grip spindle.

Here is a list of all the combinations I will be doing in the Dynamini:

  • Tungsten ring w/ Aluminum spindle
  • Brass ring w/ Aluminum spindle
  • Bronze ring w/ Aluminum spindle
  • Copper ring w/ Aluminum spindle
  • Tungsten ring w/ Titanium spindle
  • Damasteel ring w/ Titanium spindle
  • TwisTi ring w/ Titanium spindle
  • Tungsten ring w/ Zirconium spindle
  • TwisTi ring w/ Zirconium spindle
  • Damasteel ring w/ Zirconium spindle
  • Tungsten ring w/ TwisTi spindle
  • Damasteel ring w/ TwisTi spindle
  • Damasteel ring w/ Copper spindle

These tops will be sold as a pre-sale and there will be limited quantity depending on the combination.

Pre-sale release date will be announced shortly.



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