Precision Spinning Top - Heat Anodized Titanium #1

Kemner Design

The single stack in titanium stands 1.14" tall and .995" around. Its smaller size makes the single stack ideal for everyday carry. Machined from solid titanium it features a hand knurled stem and precision Si3N4 ceramic bearing for its spin surface. This top was crafted on a CNC lathe followed by hand polishing and knurling of its stem on a manual lathe. The top was then heat anodized to create the beautiful colors that you see.

While spin times will vary with practice and experience, the single stack has an average spin time of 3-5 minutes and during performance testing I was able to achieve an spin time of 7.5 minutes. See if you can beat my time! All Kemner Design tops are designed, crafted and finished in my shop. I personally test all of the tops for performance prior to shipping them to you. The single stack comes with a personalized owners card that proudly displays the name of the top, birth date, material and bearing used, serial number and maker’s signature.

Tops can have multiple functions; they can be used for stress relief, educational purposes, display or to play with. Whatever your choice, this top will provide you with hours of enjoyment. These solid metal tops are designed to last many lifetimes and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Please keep in mind that the heat anodizing was done by hand, variations in color can and will occur. The top you see pictured is the top you will receive.

.995” around and 1.14” tall
Heat Anodized Finish
Knurled Stem
Si3N4 precision ceramic bearing
Hand finished
Ships in 1-3 business days

Type: Spinning Top