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The Magnaslide is Kemner Design's fun new take on fidgets.  The Magnaslide combines the timeless pen clicking motion and a smooth spinning motion all in one.  The center ring freely spins on the central brass stem, while the center ring has 3 magnetic stop positions on the slide.  While lying on it's side, the Magnaslide spins smoothly on the center ring.  


Materials used: Brass, Copper and Magnets
Weight: 38 g
Length:  2.9 inches
End Cap Diameter: 1/2 inches
Center Ring Diameter: 3/4 inches
Brass Rod Diameter: 1/4 inches


The magnaslide is an entertaining toy that will keep you busy for hours.

*** Please keep in mind that since the Magnaslide is made from brass and copper parts, it will develop a patina with age and use.  ***

The magnaslide is not intended to be taken apart.  There are small magnets inside which could potentially be dangerous for small children and animals.


Type: Spinning Top

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