Half Step Precision Spinning Top in Blacked Out Stainless Steel w/ Polished Ring

Kemner Design

Kemner Design's newest precision spin top is the Half Step featured here in brushed stainless steel. Standing at 1.062" tall and .875" around this top weighs in at 28 g. It features the familiar features of the two step spinning top, in a more compact size. The top features a bi-level taper design from the base to the stem which sports three distinct knurled rings. The spin surface is a precision Si3N4 ceramic bearing. The half-step was crafted on a CNC lathe, followed by hand finishing and knurling of the stem on a manual lathe. The half step then went through a chemical finishing process that gives it it's blacked out appearance appearance. After the blackening process was complete, the outer ring was hand polished, creating a beautiful contrast in color and texture. This is not a paint or a coating, it is a process similar to gun bluing.

While spin times will vary with practice and experience, the Half Step has an average spin time of 5-6 minutes and during performance testing I was able to achieve an spin time of 9 minutes on its first spin. All Kemner Design tops are designed, crafted and finished in my shop. I personally test all of the tops for performance prior to shipping them to you. The Two-Step comes with a personalized owners card that proudly displays the name of the top, birth date, material and bearing used, serial number and maker’s signature.

Tops can have multiple functions; they can be used for stress relief, educational purposes, display or to play with. Whatever your choice, this top will provide you with hours of enjoyment. These solid metal tops are designed to last many lifetimes and can be passed down from generation to generation.


.875” diameter and 1.062” height
Blacked Out Stainless Steel w/ Polished Ring
Knurled Stem
Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing
Hand finished
Made in the USA

Type: Spinning Top

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